The Sailor Moon 2023 hype has begun!

October 2022

Plus loads of new Sailor Moon merchandise on the way!

September 2022

Your Sailor Moon 2023 planner for new movies, manga, merch, and events
Plus more Sailor Moon planetary princess models for everyone!

August 2022

Plus more full-colour Sailor Moon manga finally comes out in Japan
More information on 2022's Tokyo Sailor Moon musical performance has finally been confirmed

July 2022

And some fun new Sailor Moon merchandise announcements

June 2022

And some new Naoko Takeuchi Sailor Moon artwork has been released!

May 2022

Plus loads of new Sailor Moon clothes officially revealed
Sailor Moon Cosmos Part 1 & 2 are coming to movie theatres in 2023 and will tell the Stars Arc from the Sailor Moon manga.

March 2022

And a new Sailor Moon anime box set is on the way
The 90s Sailor Moon anime turns 30 as the franchise powers on with more events and merchandise